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CLASSIC LIVE RADIO BROADCAST FROM 1986 Aerosmith's Done With Mirrors Tour, in support of the band's 1985 comeback album, was their second live jaunt following the reunion of the classic lineup in 1984. In August and September 1985, the band performed a few warm-up shows (mainly at outdoor venues in areas where the group s following was particularly strong) as a preview before the album s launch. Following the release of Done with Mirrors in November 1985, the band began the main tour in January 1986, when the band played arenas across America through August of that year. Ted Nugent was the opening act of most concerts of this leg, which was confined strictly to the United States, and was generally a success, with the band performing in many cities for two-night stands and playing in a number of large stadiums, such as Sullivan Stadium in their hometown. However, with the album only going gold and failing to meet commercial expectations, it was obvious that the band needed a big hit record and couldn't continue to rely on touring alone. Only months after the tour ended however, the group had a huge resurgence in popularity following the successful remake of Walk This Way by Run-D.M.C. featuring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. In the meantime, the band members entered drug rehabilitation and started working on their next album, the multi-platinum smash hit Permanent Vacation (1987). Recorded during the initial leg of the Done With Mirrors Tour, this show is pulled from the Boston-based band's concert performance near their home turf, in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 12th 1986. The show was broadcast nationally over FM radio airwaves via Westwood One, in conjunction with the In Concert series. Mixing new songs from DWM with classic 70s numbers, such as the wicked wild west, pistol packing concert opener, Back in the Saddle , plus Same Old Song and Dance , Last Child , Walk This Way , a rare live performance of the wild No Surprize , Toys in the Attic , and Steven Tyler's big power ballad Dream On , the Bad Boys from Beantown kicked out this inspired set with incredible energy, their legendary panache and no shortage of good time rock n roll.